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Church Scheduling Software

Sure Schedule™ church scheduling software is a practical, user-friendly, web-based software system designed to serve. The aim of this web-based software is to provide a useable tool to help real people administrate the various aspects of church life. Imagine knowing before services and special events that all tasks and duties have been properly scheduled, assigned and confirmed- that is what the Sure Schedule™ program was invented specifically for.

Professionally designed by an award-winning web development firm, Sure Schedule™, church scheduling software program, is the answer to one of the most common administrative nightmares experienced by churches today The benefits of Sure Schedule™ will be readily apparent within days of being implemented in your church -producing an excellent return on your initial investment. Proper stewardship of time and financial resources is extremely important, with Sure Schedule™ targeted to deal with time-consuming administrative tasks, pastors, volunteers and administrators are freed up to take more active participation in serving and ministry. Along with the savings of time and financial resources, is the peace of knowing that church duties have been assigned and tasks and responsibilities have been confirmed - return enough on such a minor investment.

A significant feature of Sure Schedule™, apart from the fact that it is web-based, is its built-in feedback system. A comprehensive report delivered to the top level administrator’s email inbox highlights which departments are “green” and ready to go, and which are “red” and have a scheduling issue. At the same time, a report is delivered to the sublevel administrators, or persons in charge of a given department, indicating the level of readiness for their particular area of responsibility with corresponding names and phone numbers of the people whose specific assignment for the week may be in question.

Whether one is at the church office, on the road or at home, each level of the church administration can keep up-to-date with all of the church scheduling responsibilities.

Sure Schedule™ - Admin solutions that serve.

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